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SYSTEM DESIGN A typical system is;

• Source Cameras, microphones, mixing/switching equipment (assume this is provided)
• Video encoder hardware/software to create the Stream (Video & Audio)
• Encoder to Server Link
• Host Website ; the site where the video/audio will be viewed by end users
• Serving Service ; allows users to receive and net streams
• Viewers internet compatible computer

We provide the hardware and software needed to get your venue up and running online quickly.

L-CAST provides an Encoder PC (local) for the source site.
This is loaded with the media encoder software and is fitted with a composite
video/audio capture card.
(A second resilient PC can be added on site if required)
The output of the local PC is connected to the streaming server /internet via a DSL (Broadband) connection. It is usual to have an existing connection on site.
If a new connection is required this can be arranged and the extra cost applied.

The quality of the broadband line will determine the quality of the stream.
This must be taken into account when assessing expectations on quality.
L-CAST will add player software to the host website and modify the web page to allow the player to be displayed and also to embed the player. Alternatively we can give details to the webmaster
looking after the host site.

End users go to the Host Site and access the output stream which is sent to them from our servers.

L-CAST provides a fully managed service. Remote access is the key to support.
Once up and running, most problems are usually caused human error/interference.

We offer encoder redundancy at an additional cost.

L-CAST is part of Libirel Communications Ltd., Dublin, Ireland +353 (0) 87 2517161